Every falconer who is committed to flying his birds to the best of their abilities will sooner or later realise that a good working dog is an essential part of the hunting team.
I have been lucky enough to have worked with several dogs over the years including Springer spaniels, Brittany Spaniels, German short haired pointers, English pointers and Hungarian Viszla's. For me the one that stands out is the Viszla. Not only are they the most beautiful dog in my opinion but they are so clever and have such a good hunting brain that they cannot be beaten. They will hunt in open country as well as working very effectively in cover. They fall into the category of HPR's (Hunt, point, retrievers). This makes them very versatile hunting companions. As well as having a superb nose they also have the pre-programmed instinct to stalk and point game. This gives the falconer the opportunity to position the birds in the perfect place so that when the dog is told to flush the quarry a successful flight is much more likely.

My lovely dog Amber was bred by Christine Church of Suffolk. Amber has several champions in her pedigree and as you can see from the photographs she is a very beautiful dog. She is also extremely intelligent and I can honestly say that training her was easy. I only had to show her something a couple of times and she would get it. At six months old she understood all the basic commands. She would long drop from 500 meters, stay and wait to be called. She would quarter from left to right. She would retrieve on command even through water. She started to develop an interest in pointing quarry at about eight months old. Because she was out with me every day with the hawks she came into contact with rabbits and pheasants at an early age. I never tried to push her. I decided to let her learn about hunting at her own pace. The only thing I was really strict about was making sure she never chased any live quarry. This can be a very annoying habit which is hard to break. I thought it was best to stop it before it started.
At a year old she was good enough to give displays and I am very proud of her.


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