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Eagle Experience

Our bird of prey educational visits are very popular among schools and collages as well as clubs. We bring along a team of birds of prey including Eagles, Hawks and Falcons so that the children can meet them at close quarters.

We are able to fly some of the smaller birds in the school hall or gymnasium or better still on the school field if the weather is suitable.

The visits can be tailored for the different age groups so that both juniors or seniors will be able to gain a real insight into birds of prey and their role in today's food chain.

We supply a worksheet for the children to complete during the visit which has questions and illustrations for the children to colour in.

Feathers and pellets are also brought along for the children to touch and explore. We usually dissect an Owl pellet and study the bones to find out what the bird has been eating. This always gets a great reaction.

Older students can learn all about flight and how different Raptors have evolved in different ways to suit their own particular habitat and food source.

We have several short educational DVDs which accompany the theme of the visit and can be shown on our own large screen projector.   

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