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The summer months are a very busy time for the demonstration team. We travel the country giving flying demonstrations at all kinds of outdoor events such as game and country fairs as well as private or corporate functions.

The demonstration team consists of hawks, falcons and eagles and at least 2 falconers present at each event to handle the birds and answer any questions from the public.

We provide our own public address system and portable enclosures where the birds can be displayed  at their best and in safety.

At our displays there is always the opportunity to get the audience involved with the birds and often a few lucky volunteers will be picked out to help during the show.

Jonathan Marshall has been giving professional falconry displays since 1985 when he worked at Windsor safari Park. Since then he has flown birds at most of the major game fairs in the UK as well as delighting audiences at Hampton Court, Windsor castle, Avebury Manor, Littlecote Manor, The Hawk Conservancy, The Milky Way, Coombe Martin Wildlife Park, Tapeley Park and RHS Rosemoore Gardens. He has gained a reputation as one of the UK's top demonstration falconers through his ability to charm and entertain any audience and to fly his amazing birds like you will not see anywhere else.


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