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 5 day falconry courses are run throughout the year for people who want to get their own bird. The course concentrates on the training of a Harris Hawk which is regarded as the most suitable bird for beginners. Using our Harris Hawks students will be taught the basic training techniques. We cover all aspects of basic falconry such as manning, hooding, flying weights, basic equipment, housing, general husbandry, coping and imping, fitting equipment, falconry knots, creances, lures, slipping, flying free etc.
I only take 4 people at a time so lots of individual attention is given to each student. There is a written exam on the final day which you must score over 75% to pass. Successful students will receive a certificate.

It is impossible to teach somebody to be an expert in 5 days, however on completion you will have gained enough knowledge to get started.

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